Crowd fever detector

Thingsfactory's new fever detector is a simple to use, ultra-fast and accurate artificial intelligence facial temperature detector.

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Meet our fever detector

Using powerful artificial Intelligence visual recognition and real time analysis, the fever detector Thingsfactory analyzes facial temperature humans in crowds, files or individually with a great degree of accuracy. When elevated temperatures are detected an instant notification is sent to the operator.

  • FAST

    It processes more than 9 images per second without limits.


    It picks up temperature at the hottest point on the face


    It has an integrated firewall and it does not keep any personal data


    Our fever detector detects elevated temperatures from a distance, making the process as safe as it can be.

Crowd Detection System

Detects, analyzes and classifies the body temperature of humans in gathering, queuing or individual situations, in real time, with an accuracy of 5 hundredths of a degree.

Instant alert

The user interface is easy to use and provides instant time and location notifications when above average or elevated temperatures are detected.

  • Performance

    Packed with technology and Artificial Intelligence algorithms, the fever detector Thingsfactory is equipped with the latest in thermal camera technology and real time video analytics for guaranteed precision and performance.

  • Integrated Design

    Designed with ease of use in mind, the fever detector Thingsfactory all in one design includes both the graphic processor and the Camera in a compact tabletop enclosure.

The fever detector Thingsfactory can be used everywhere

Hospitals - Elder Care Facilities
Manufacturing - Meat Packing
Mass transit
Pro sports
Entertainment - Film sets