Thingsfactory launches three new products || Thingsfactory lance trois nouveaux produits

Thingsfactory launches three new products

Montreal, January 15, 2021 - Montreal-based Thingsfactory took advantage of the 2021 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) to unveil the innovations it will be marketing in the coming months. In2020, the start-up company, which specializes in the development of products using the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI), made a name for itself with the TF-350 and TF-400, telethermographs (intelligent fever detectors) that enable non-contact facial temperature measurement.

Continuing in this vein, Thingsfactory began the year by expanding its family of intelligent fever detectors with the TF-400C, a new industrial model in a fully integrated camera format. Specially designed for use in factories and public spaces, the TF400C operates with either Power over Ethernet (POE) or traditional 12 VDC power supplies. It can be connected to the corporate network or using the LTE modem and meets the highest security standards to ensure full data confidentiality.

Simple to use and accurate, the TF-400C captures the temperature at the hottest point on the face, with an accuracy of a tenth of a degree, and sends immediate real-time alerts. With unparalleled speed, it takes more than 9 images per second with no face limitations and measures the temperature despite masks, glasses, hats and scarves. In addition, it has the ability to simultaneously capture the temperature of all moving people in an area of 15ft 15ft. 

A telethermograph adapted to animals

Within the next few weeks Thingsfactory will also be undertaking pilot projects with several agricultural organizations to develop an animal-friendly telethermograph: the TF-400F.

Specifically, Thingsfactory wants to expand the TF-400's measurement detection register to include five (5) new behavioral variables (moving, eating, walking, rubbing, climbing) which, when combined and analyzed by the artificial intelligence algorithms it has developed, will allow live detection of subjects possibly suffering from an infection, which will make it possible 

to act more quickly to care for the animal and limit the impact on animal or dairy production enterprises.

Intelligent building management

Thingsfactory has also expanded its research into a new niche market - intelligent building risk management. To enable building managers to reduce management and maintenance costs, while increasing the security and surveillance of their buildings, Thingsfactory has developed the TF-1000, an intelligent "building automation" technology focused on insurance risks that will revolutionize the management of modern buildings.

This innovation is the ultimate in prevention, detection and asset protection. This centralized building controller using artificial intelligence has the ability to detect anomalies in real time, analyze them and ultimately, take actions to minimize financial, human or operational losses.

Contactless screen

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Thingsfactory designed the TF-150, a 27-inch contactless intelligent display for sites where health measures require a health questionnaire to be completed. The screen is customizable and can be used in both the workplace and public areas.

This screen, developed in agile mode by Thingsfactory's design team, allows fingers to be used in virtual mode to interact with the screen. This new visual gesture detection technology replaces touchscreens, keyboard and mice for greater protection against infection. The TF-150 is currently being demonstrated in Thingsfactory's Montreal offices.


"Thingsfactory has seen major advances in research and development over the past year. We are proud to unveil today the results of this work, which has made it possible to create products that not only showcase Quebec's genius in IoT and AI, but that will also have a real impact in reducing material, financial and human losses. »

-Pierre Gauvin, CEO and Founder, Thingsfactory

About Thingsfactory

Founded in 2015 and based in Montreal, Thingsfactory is an Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence product development company specializing in real-time monitoring of critical systems and prevention of material, financial and human losses. With more than 25 years of experience in product and software development, operations management and software development for large-scale international clients, Thingsfactory's founders and employees take pride in designing and building high-quality products that combine performance and security.

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